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Our CEO is 7.  She loves good food, specifically good cheese.  We have always joked that the child is part mouse, because ever since she was teething, she loved cheesy foods!  She showed an affinity for helping in the kitchen, and we knew she was destined to be a foodie, when at age 2 she declared herself ready to help in Grandma's kitchen and was taking play-dough and rolling it out into pie dough!
At age 5 she asked Grandma for a country store, and well......we just couldn't say "No!"
We were heading all over the state to procure the best NC based food products anyways, and we figured everyone else was too!  What if we put all the best things in one place?  Bertie County Peanuts from out near the coast, Delicious wines from Duplin, Raylen, and Laurel Gray wineries, Ashe County Cheese, and Ward Farms of Whitsett jams, spreads and pickles!  We threw in some local potters, local arts and crafts, and then we started baking!  A pound cake recipe that dates back to the time when you beat the cake until your arm was sore....A chocolate cake that incorporates well over a pound of chocolate chips, and of course the ever popular coconut cake that requires real whipping cream and enough coconut to make every corner of the kitchen need swept twice!  
​Then, the cheese balls crept in.  It was only natural, being cheese lovers you know.  Sarah loves cheese balls or cheese spreads.....she is a snacker, and so came the cheese ball that bears her name the Sarah Special, a cream cheese, pineapple, dried beef concoction that is savory, sweet, creamy and crunchy all at the same time.....we also carry pimento cheese, and a chicken salad cheese ball....and yes, its as yummy as it sounds.

Sarah Ann's Cupboard is family-owned and operated right here in Conover, NC. Other companies may offer similar products, but none will offer a more loved and homemade atmosphere, we are a family committed to making your family happy!
About Sarah Ann's Cupboard
Committed to the best Sunday suppers, hostess events, and dessert eating anywhere!